You Must Belong To A Church

There are those who because of their experience with the church as an organisation have vowed not to belong to any church though they call themselves Christians. Others have charged the church with hypocrisy.

Now, if anyone believes in Jesus, then belonging to a church must be a part of that belief. You see, the Bible commands us not to abandon meeting together . The church is an institution established by God through which believers are taught and nurtured in the Christian life. Christ is the head of the church and a believer must belong to the church. We must also understand that the church is made up of imperfect people and as such, there are no perfect people in there. So yes, even in church, people will behave as hypocrites but that is no reason to stay away from an institution established by God.

The fact is that, true Christians belong to a church—a congregation. The two–Church and Christians–are inseparable. Christ established the church and gifted it with pastors and teachers to equip His people. We can’t be Christians and not belong to a church.

Every believer must belong to a church where the gospel of Christ is preached, sinners are called to repentance and believers called upon to live holy lives. A true church is where the Bible is taught and where people obey the word of God, have love for God and their neighbour. If you find any church where these are present, join them. But don’t expect the people to be perfect as none of us is perfect including you.

You must belong to a church because when people are saved, they are added to Christ’s body —-which is the church

Further studies: Acts 2, 46-47, Ephesians 4:11-16, Hebrews 10:24-25


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