Basic Evangelism 101

One of the many responsibilities of a Christian ministry is evangelism. As the title of the article indicates, this is basic evangelism so I will keep it at that; something everyone can identify with. I will define evangelism as a conversation about Christ and His gospel to family, friends and strangers. Evangelism is not the responsibility of churches only. It is also the responsibility of every individual Christian to witness about Christ and proclaim the good news as part of the fulfilment of the great commission (Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15).

Now, depending on who you’re speaking or witnessing to, the approach might be different. You will not approach a family member for example compared to how you will approach a stranger.  As a fellowship, today, we reached out to our community and before the excercise, I shared a few titbits with members of the fellowship and how they should interact with strangers. These were top of my head titbits and very basic to kickstart a personal or group evangelism especially first timers.

What To Do

Greet People First

A hello, hi, good morning, afternoon, evening depending on time of the day is a courteous way of starting a conversation with a stranger. You get people’s attention when you are courteous and you must be.

Ask Their Permission.

Courtesy further demands you understand time is precious to people and as a communicator of the gospel, you must respect that and seek people’s permission  if they can spare you a little of their time. If permission is granted;

Introduce Yourself/selves
a). Name individual or Group name
b). What you are doing (Tell them you are telling people about Jesus). It sets the tone of the conversation not to go into church or unrelated discussions to the gospel.

The conversation.

First speak about the sinful state of humanity as against God’s holy law. The Bible condemns all human beings as sinners (Romans 3:23, 5:19, 1John 1:8). This means you and I are sinners. (You can ask if they agree they are sinners).

Consequences of sin

We are all sinners and so what? Speak about the consequences of sin; death– separation from God both physically, spiritually and eternally. We are enemies of God because of sin (Romans 6:23a).

Sin’s Solution

It is here you speak about Christ, His death and resurrection for sinners. God sent Christ to come and die for sinners so that those who acknowledge their sins and put their trust in Christ will be saved(John 1:12, 3:16).

Ask if they have any questions and try to answer. If you don’t have an answer, admit it and promise to get them an answer later if possible. Finally, leave a contact in case someone wants to contact you.


1: Speak about Jesus
2: Speak about sin
3: Speak about faith in Christ and repentance unto salvation.

Kindly add any thoughts that will help in future outreach plans.




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